The idea behind this project is simple, sometimes people want to try a sport with their friends but simply don't have the equipment to try it out. A simple solution for this would be to just rent it, however, a lot of the places that you would rent from would be very expensive. People would be able to rent out their stuff that's not being used and would be able to price it accordingly.

This project has not yet been completed and is still a work in progress, check out my progress (artboards) here.

The Challenge

People who are exploring new sports need a way to be able to try out equipment before fully committing to a purchase in a more affordable way. By being able to rent insured equipment, they will be able to enjoy the sport and figure out whether or not to commit.
Product Designer
• Created sitemaps, user flows, mid and high fidelity wireframes
• Developed visual style guide


The first step of the project was to research the need for this product. Based on my results, I found that many people are unaware of how to both assemble a computer and choose proper hardware. From my surveys and interviews, I was able to establish some user pain points.
55% of people from my
findings show that they
can’t confidently assemble a PC.
90% of people from my
findings show that having an
app would be beneficial in
their PC building process.
45% of people from my
findings show that they have
never built their own computers.

How it influenced my design

By minimizing the design with a more straight-forward, step by step process, it will allow all types of users ranging from beginner to advanced to easily customize their own computer.


Allison Jones
“I want a powerful computer for my post-production work
but I don’t know the first thing about computers.”

Pain Points:
• Doesn’t know how to research for parts.
• Doesn’t know how to assemble a PC.
• Feeling overwhelmed with all the PC terms.

Jerry Smith
“I’m confident enough to assemble a computer, but I don’t know
where to begin when it comes to researching for the parts.”

Pain Points:
• Doesn’t know how to research for parts.

User flow


Visual design

The main typeface used in BUILT is Gills Sans. This typeface was chosen to give a more modern look since Sans Serifs are associated with the younger generation.
The next typeface used in BUILT is Eurostile.  This typeface has a more “tech” look to it when used in all caps.
Color Palette
The main color used in this app is a dark blue, which is used to give a futuristic look and feel. The yellow, red/pink, and green are used as accent colors to help strengthen the vibe.
This project is still being worked on and is not yet completed.

To view my progress, check it out here: https://xd.adobe.com/view/905d4006-24ce-4b44-95ce-dd19dda7498c-c50e/

(this link shows my artboards on Adobe XD which will show some screens that I've used to brainstorm or try out different ideas)

Learn about hardware

Customize your own PC

Key takeaway

Many people do not fully understand how to research for computer hardware and how to research for compatible parts. BUILT will help users choose between parts that work together, this can help reduce stress and give the user a more friendly experience.